• I. When to Conserve: A Guide to Slides Deserving Special Care
  • II. Moisture Control through Slide Mounting
  • III. De Laurier Bindmaster - A Homemade Slide Binder for the "Sundt" Method
  • IV. Fungus in Glass-Mounted Slides: Recent Findings
  • V. How to Mask a Slide without Taping the Film
  • VI. Foggy Glass - Your Fault or Theirs?
  • VII. Film Cleaners, Glass Polishers, and Other Wonder Products
  • VIII. How to Avoid Chemical Streaking on Film
  • IX. Transparencies in Paper Mounts: Maintaining a Slide Collection without the Benefits of Glass
  • X. Polaroid Recommends Gold Protective Treatment with Its Autoprocess 35mm Transparency Images
  • XI. Seasonal Check-Ups for Slide Room Equipment
  • XII. Relative Humidity: Instruments and Products for Measurement and Control
  • XIII. Temperature Fluctuations in the Slide Storage Area - How Concerned Should We Be?
  • XIV. Projectors - Troubleshooting Problems
  • XV. Light vs. Heat - Is There a Lesser Evil?
  • XVI. Running the Lamp Fan - Necessary or Excessive?
  • XVII. Flourescent Lamps and Color Slides
  • XVIII. Re-Evaluating Your Insurance Coverage


  • I. Resin-Coated Paper: Potential Problems for Collections?
  • II. Hypo Eliminator: To Use or Not to Use?