Cloud- based image cataloging and file management offers many potential benefits in terms of saved resources, ease of access, and security of assets. In addition, the potential for collaborative work is vast. With a cloud-based system it is possible for different institutions to collaborate to develop a shared set of fields for a specific discipline that will contextualize data, promote sharing, and enrich teaching and research. Another benefit of a shared system is the ability of researchers to contribute images and data where the research is taking place.

Shared Shelf’s metadata management tool provides such a platform for collaboration. The University of Virginia is using Shared Shelf to develop a new metadata standard for archaeology, one that we hope will be universally applicable to the different areas of the discipline. ArchaeoCore, as this working model is known, will provide a structure to carry the context with the object. This effort, while still a work in progress, has already provided valuable insights into the organization and expression of specialized data. It offers helpful perspectives in the creation of projects in other academic disciplines and will provide a conceptual model for legacy collections.