The Treasurer's Report, presented at the Annual Business Meeting of the Visual Resources Association, held April 5, 2013 in Providence, Rhode Island, reviews the state of the organization's finances, and includes a summary of economic trends affecting the Association's budget and membership numbers over the past decade.

FY20112012BalanceSheet.jpg (9048 kB)
Fiscal year 2011-2012 Balance Sheet

AssocAssets2012.jpg (568 kB)
The Association's principal financial assets

CashFlow.jpg (667 kB)
Cash flow (2009-2012)

FidelityInvstments.jpg (638 kB)
Value of Fidelity Investments (2007-2012)

1993Income.jpg (517 kB)
Association Income (1993)

FY2011-2012.jpg (525 kB)
Association Income (2011-2012)

FY20112012Expense.jpg (446 kB)
Association Expenses (2011-2012)

2012_ConferenceExpense.jpg (399 kB)
2012 Conference Expenses