The Treasurer's Report, presented at the Annual Business Meeting of the Visual Resources Association, held March 14, 2014 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, reviews the state of the organization's finances, and includes a summary of economic trends affecting the Association's budget and membership numbers over the past decade, along with a review of the Association's investment policy and portfolio performance.

FY20122013BalanceSheet.jpg (732 kB)
Balance sheet, fiscal year 2012-2013

VRA_Assets2013.jpg (1019 kB)
VRA's financial assets as of 12/31/2014

2013P&L.jpg (549 kB)
Profit and Loss statement for fiscal year 2013

IncomeSourcesFY2013.jpg (958 kB)
VRA's income sources, fiscal year 2013

FY2013Expenses.jpg (467 kB)
VRA's expenses, fiscal year 2013

FidInvest 2008-2013.jpg (978 kB)