The Clowes Collection of Old Master Paintings housed at the Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields (IMA) includes seventy-eight works by Flemish, Spanish, English, Dutch, and Italian masters, comprising some of the museum’s most important artworks. The IMA recently embarked on an interdepartmental project to create a new digital catalogue that will highlight the history of each piece. What makes this publication unique is an emphasis on the conservation history as documented in thousands of images, including X-ray, infrared, and UV photographs. In order to facilitate this project, it became necessary to bring together all conversation imagery regarding the Clowes Collection, apply appropriate metadata, create new metadata workflows for Conservation staff, and ingest the images into Piction, the museum’s DAMS. Over the course of six months, the author worked collaboratively with the Conservation, Photography, and Archives department at the IMA to integrate Conservation assets into Piction. This work involved consulting multiple standards for visual resource management, building a custom schema, creating a custom controlled vocabulary, and working with the DAMS vendor, all within a set time frame.

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CON_EmbeddedMetadataWorkflow__Bridge_2016-11 .docx (1048 kB)
One of the workflow documents created for Conservation staff to apply metadata to their assets. This was provided following group and individual training sessions. Perhaps could be attached an appendix to the article, if you find it would be helpful to VRA members.