The editors of the VRAB are excited to announce a new policy: any published authors who wish to change how their name currently appears on a published article are encouraged to do so. Name changes can be effected in the metadata for those who submitted to the current site; in order to change biographical information, please login to your account and make the desired changes. The VRAB also allows for inclusion of the author’s ORCID ID. 

Because articles are published as PDFs, the change will only affect the metadata on the website itself, not on the article. In order to have name information updated on the article itself, or for those whose article submission did not involve creating a user account on the current site, please email

  • Welcome to the new "VRA Bulletin"


    Welcome to the new VRA Bulletin site! Here, you will find all of the published articles and back issues of the VRAB; please note, however, that the article URLs (within the articles themselves) are outdated. The editors are undertaking the project of updating the coversheets for all of the articles, but this is a work in progress. Please use the current URL instead to link to the articles.

    Also worthy of note, starting with Vol. 46, Iss. 2 (2019), all "Feature Articles" are peer reviewed.

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