Special Bulletin #11: Guide to Copy Photography for Visual Resources Professionals

  • Jenni Rodda Institute of Fine Arts, New York University
  • Photographer: Christa Blackwood New York University
Keywords: copy photography, how-to, photographs, copywork, imaging, photographing


It is not uncommon for visual resources management to involve some photographic production. If these production needs are substantial, the services of a professional photographer may be required. However, where needs are modest, photography may be done by anyone prepared to carry out the task. It is intended that this publication be a guide for equipment and supply purchases, and production procedures for visual resources professionals who do not have access to the services of a professional photographer, or who are themselves not trained photographers. This manual is designed to provide all the information a visual resources professional needs to set up and operate a copystand, and to make photo-reproductions from two-and three-dimensional originals. Not intended as a technical or darkroom manual, this guide emphasizes bare-bones, simple how-to skills.

Author Biography

Jenni Rodda, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University


Gordon Arkenberg - New York University

Jason Varone - New York University

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