Special Bulletin #6: Iconographic Contents and Diagrams for Descriptive Cataloging of Complex Works of Art

  • Nancy Shelby Schuller University of Texas - Austin
Keywords: diagrams, cataloging, metadata, mapping, altarpiece, iconography


This publication gathers diagrams and cataloging descriptions in order to produce consistent content descriptions for complex iconographic cycles to facilitate logical and easy-to-browse shelving arrangements. The purpose is to create a guide that will provide iconographic contents, as well as diagrams of the physical arrangements, for these works of art to assist with the development of more accurate and consistent catalog records for the images in these compositions.

This publication includes identifying information on cycles and altarpieces, including for the Brancacci Chapel, the Baptistry Doors in Florence, the Ghent Altarpiece, and the niches at Orsanmichele, to name a few.

Author Biography

Nancy Shelby Schuller, University of Texas - Austin


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Elizabeth Spungen - Bryn Mawr College Libraries

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