Special Bulletin #4: Selected Topics in Cataloging Asian Art

  • Eleanor Mannikka University of Michigan
Keywords: Asian art, metadata, cataloging, art history, research, Southeast Asia, South Asia


Selected Topics in Cataloging Asian Art:

1. Cataloging Tips and Techniques

  • Country Divisions in Asian Slide Collections
  • Calligraphy and Scripts in Asia
  • Guidelines for Cataloging Sculpture
  • Adaptations in Organizing and Cataloging Asian Slides
  • Working with the Fogg System

2. South Asian Art

  • Indian Painting
    • Rajput and Mughal Painting
    • Ragamalas and Nayikas
    • Cataloging Examples
  • Cataloging Tables for Indian Painting and Sculpture
    • Indian Museum Abbreviations
    • Life of the Buddha

3. Southeast Asian Art

  • Burmese Art
  • Thai Art
  • Cambodian Art
  • Cham Art
  • Indonesian Art

4. Far Eastern Art

  • Slide Sequences for Far Eastern Painting
  • A Classification of Japanese Buddhist Art
  • Japanese-Sanskrit Equivalents
    • Japanese-Sanskrit Table
    • Sanskrit-Japanese Table
  • A Classification of Japanese Ceramics

5. Asian Numerical Tables

  • Japanese Numerical Table
  • Pinyin Numerical Table

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Eleanor Mannikka, University of Michigan

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