VRAB Volume 9: Issue 1, 1982

  • various authors
Keywords: digitization, slides, microform, professional development, Inuit (Eskimo) cataloging


In this issue:

  • CAA:
    • Images for Today's Classrooms:
      • The Microform Image: Facsimile, Substitute, or Counterfeit?
      • The Impact of Videodisc Technology on Teaching Art History
      • Holography as a New Visual Medium
    • Art Documentation: From Slides to Microcomputers:
      • Photographing Architecture
      • Slide Production and Presentation Techniques in Architectural Analysis and History
      • The Proposed Computerisation of the Institute of Fine Arts Slide and Photo Collection
    • CAA-VR Business Meeting
  • ARLIS:
    • Special Problems in Slide Classification: Non-Western Art
    • Utilization of Microforms as Research Resources in the Fine Arts Library:
      • Using Microforms in Teaching and Research
      • Standardization and Bibliographic Control of Art Micrographics
      • Microforms and User Interface: Question of Cognitive Style in Art Historical Research
      • Microforms and the Image Bank
      • Choosing Collections: The Publisher's Perspective
      • Designing Microforms for the User
  • VR Organization Questionnaire:
    • Ballot
  • Editorial on the VR Organization
  • Consultation Service
  • ARLIS/Northwest
  • Standard for Staffing Fine Arts Slide Collections and CAA Board Resolution To Be Published Soon
  • Conferences to Come:
    • 1982 MACAA-VR Program: A Call for Papers and Volunteers
    • SECAC 1982 Conference: Visual Resource Curators Session
    • Call for Papers - 1983 CAA Meeting Regular Program
    • International Art History Conference
  • Bibliography Workshop
  • Missouri-Kansas Slide Curators
  • Profile:
    • Princeton University School of Architecture Slide Collection
  • Ask the Photographer:
    • New Equipment for Slide Duplication and for Copy Photography
  • Academic Slide Budget Survey
  • Work-Study Program To Be Cut
  • Slide Labeling by Word Processing
  • Image Access Society
  • Conservation:
    • Chemical Streaking on Film: How to Avoid It
  • Photographic Journals
  • Classification & Cataloging:
    • The Classification and Cataloging of Slides and Pictures
  • Professional News
  • Positions Open
  • Slide Market News
  • Duplicating for Student Study: Copyright Infringement:
    • Survey
  • Group Ordering for Multiple Copies
  • Inuit (Eskimo) Cataloguing
  • 35mm Slide Projector for sale

Author Biography

various authors
  • Nancy DeLaurier - University of Missouri, Kansas City
  • Deborah Tinsley - Kansas City Art Institute
  • Bridget Kinally - Design Centre, London
  • Patrick Young - University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • Christine Sundt - University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Paula Chiarmonte - University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Kathy Snyder - Colorado College, Colorado Springs
  • Christina Updike - James Madison University
  • Cynthia Clark - Princeton University
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