VRAB Volume 6: Issue 3, 1979

  • various authors
Keywords: slides, photographs, visual resources, Mid-America College Art Association (MACAA), conferences


This issue, mislabeled as Volume 6, Number 4, begins with a summary of upcoming conferences, a note from MA-CAA Visual Resources Chair, Nancy Schuller, an update on guides and Patrick Young's recurring column, "Ask the Photographer." This issue's profile covers the Art Institute of Chicago's slide department. The "Types of Collections" column precedes a Professional News section that covers not only vacant positions, but also some regionally-specific breakdowns of university type, salary, degree level of program, number of regular users, and collection size. The issue ends with "Slide Market News" and some subscription information.

Author Biography

various authors
  • Christina Updike
  • Nancy Schuller - CAA-VR Coordinator
  • Rosann Auchstetter - Art Institute of Chicago
  • Gillian M. Scott - Chairperson: ARLIS/CAA Ad Hoc Committee on Professional Standards for Visual Resources Collections
  • Elizabeth D. Alley
  • Jean F. Jackson - University of Hawaii
  • Nancy DeLaurier - University of Missouri-Kansas City
Feature Articles