VRAB Volume 5: Issue 4, 1978

  • various authors
Keywords: slides, photographs, visual resources, Mid-America College Art Association (MACAA), conferences


This issues presents a series of relevant conference reports. There is also a profile of the visual resources library at the University of Michigan, a list of vacant positions, a list of new slide curators, and a selection of professional development and continuing education opportunities for visual resources professionals. There are also updates on a series of in-progress guides as well as a series of slide market news items.

Author Biography

various authors
  • Nancy DeLaurier -¬†University of Missouri-Kansas City
  • Nancy Schuller (Chairperson, MA-CAA Visual Resources)
  • Deborah Tinsley
  • Rosann Auchstetter
  • Carol Ulrich
  • Christina Updike (Visual Resources Chairman for SECAC)
Feature Articles