VRAB Volume 37, Issue 3

VRA Twenty-Eighth Annual Conference, Parts I & II

  • various authors


This issue features over 100 pages, including:

  • Association News
    • 2010 Annual Conference Reports and Awards
  • Professional News
    • 2010 Southeast College Art Conference (SECAC) VRC Session: United We Stand: Forging Partnerships in Support of the Digital Classroom
    • 2010 Southeast College Art Conference (SECAC): Geographic Divide and Pedagogical Shift: A Re-Examination of W├Âlffinian Methodologies in Art History
    • 2010 College Art Association (CAA): VRA-Sponsored Session: Academic Image Collections in Transition: Saving the Baby while Repurposing the Bath Water
  • VRA 28th Annual Conference
    • Opening Plenary Session: Peter Brantley, The Internet Archive
    • Session 1: Utilizing Blogs to Improve and Market Resources
    • Session 2: Staying Alive: Strategies for Dealing with Change and Increasing Professional Viability
    • Session 3: Transition to Learning Spaces: Redefining Our Space for the Digital World
    • Session 4: By the Numbers, Gathering and Using Statistics
    • Session 5: After the Transition: Planning for Collections Storage and Workspace Changes in the Digital Environment
    • Session 7: Engaging New Technologies, Part 1
    • Session 8: Life on the Other Side of the Pond, VR Activity in Europe
    • Session 9: Engaging New Technologies, Part 2
    • Session 11: Instruction 101
    • Session 12: Embedded Metadata: Share, Deliver, Preserve
    • Closing Plenary Session: Collections of Distinction: Adding Value to the Online Community of Visual Resources