Review of MHz Curationist

  • Akeem Flavors New York University
Keywords: Creative Commons, public domain, open access


This review provides a brief summary of the online digital curation platform Curationist. The principal project of the MHz Foundation, Curationist publishes visual and cultural materials found in the Creative Commons and public domain with the intent to expand and diversify the histories of art and culture found online.

Curationist is an attractive and easy-to-use platform that offers viewers the ability to explore individual works as well as collections and feature articles compiled by a global team of editors. As a whole, the platform appears to be in its nascent stage and does not yet offer the ability for users to zoom in on images, notate works, or arrange favorited images into collections of their own choosing. Curationist is planning a public release set for 2023 that will allow users curate their own collections and perform advance searches through an updated database.

Author Biography

Akeem Flavors, New York University

Akeem Flavors manages the visual resources collection in the Department of Art History & Urban Design and Architecture Studies at New York University. He is a Certified Archivist (C.A.) and has a BA and MA in Art History.