Centering Humans and Humanity in Visual Resources

An Interview with Rebecca Y. Bayeck, Ph.D.

  • Sara Schumacher
Keywords: gameplay, ethics, accessibility, algorithmic bias, interview, artificial intelligence (AI)


In this interview, Rebecca Y. Bayeck, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Instructional Technology & Learning Sciences at Utah State University, calls upon her interdisciplinary research and study of gameplay, learning environments, and emerging technologies to engage with current discussions in the visual resources field. The discussion explores inclusive digital exhibitions, artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithmic processes, and positionality. Dr. Bayeck investigates conceptual approaches to the stewardship of visual collections including “conceiving [of] visitors as students or learners enrolled in the digital exhibition classroom” and “unlearning how we define information practices.”

Author Biography

Sara Schumacher

Sara Schumacher is the Architecture Image Librarian in the Architecture Library at Texas Tech University Libraries.