Review of "Artefacts, Archives, and Documentation in the Relational Museum Review"

  • Jennifer Galipo San José State University
Keywords: book review, archives, museums, cultural heritage, museum studies, archiving, history, heritage management and conservation


This review provides a summary of the book Artefacts, Archives, and Documentation in the Relational Museum, based on recent doctoral research by author Mike Jones. It speaks to museum professionals at all levels and Library Science or Museum Studies students. Through a discussion of historical circumstances and an intensive case study of Museums Victoria, Jones covers the treatment of museum archives and broader issues related to collections management and documentation systems. This book adds new information to the overall challenges of information management in the history of analog to digital migrations, provides key figures, dates, and places in these initiatives, and compels the reader to reconceptualize collections management technologies and practice.

Author Biography

Jennifer Galipo, San José State University

Jennifer Galipo is an early-career archivist and recent graduate student from the School of Information at San José State University. She has a B.A. in Art History and subject knowledge of Archives and Preservation, digital scholarship, and information management.