"I love getting to share my art with other people:"

Undergraduate Studio Art Student Perceptions of Visual Culture

  • Sarah Carter Indiana University
  • Jackie Huddle Indiana University


While previous literature has extensively explored the research habits and information needs of art students, little attention has been given to their relationship with the broader landscape of visual culture. This qualitative study explores first-year studio art student attitudes and self-perceived roles as creators and consumers of visual culture. Study findings reveal heightened awareness of their visual surroundings as well as multiple modes of engagement, including through social media platforms. These insights point to the ever-evolving nature of art education, and the opportunities that instruction librarians have for incorporating relevant content into information literacy instruction through critical visual literacy. 

Author Biographies

Sarah Carter, Indiana University

As the Art, Architecture and Design Librarian, Sarah Carter supports teaching, learning, and research for students, faculty, and researchers at Indiana University affiliated with the School of Art and Design and the Department of Art History, including disciplines such as architecture, studio art, interior design, and apparel merchandising.

Jackie Huddle, Indiana University

As the Visual Literacy and Resources Librarian at Indiana University, Jackie Huddle (formerly Fleming) leads visual literacy instruction sessions and teaches workshops out of the Scholars’ Commons related to visual resources topics. She also holds consultations with faculty and students about their image research needs.

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