Review of "Copyright: Best Practices for Academic Libraries"

  • John Hosford Alfred University
Keywords: book review, copyright, fair use, education, academic libraries, library copyright policies, interlibrary loan, images, legal, law, court cases, intellectual property rights, IPR


Copyright: Best Practices for Academic Libraries provides valuable advice for librarians to navigate the complex world of copyright law in their profession. The book consists of twenty chapters, each written by experts, focusing on academic libraries and enhancing copyright literacy. One of the book's aims is to enable readers to become proficient in understanding the intricacies of copyright and take an active part in the ongoing conversations. 

Author Biography

John Hosford, Alfred University

John Hosford is the art librarian at Scholes Library at Alfred University and is a graduate of the Information and Library Science program at the University at Buffalo. He started his career as a visual resource curator and digital projects librarian at Scholes Library. As art librarian, he curates the library exhibition space: the Scholes Project Room.