“Members Helping Members” – The VRA Travel Awards Program

  • Allan T. Kohl Minneapolis College of Art and Design
Keywords: history, travel awards, Travel Awards Committee, Luraine Collins Tansey, memorial, Visual Resources Association (VRA)


Beginning in 1993, the Visual Resources Association’s Travel Awards program has provided financial support to hundreds of members, enabling them to attend and participate in the Association’s annual conferences. This history follows the program’s growth, from an initial gift by Luraine Tansey through fundraising efforts, including the legendary Tansey Dinners/Events and the VRAffle and related skits, with a significant portion of travel awards funding coming from members themselves in support of their peers. The recent creation of the VRA’s Travel Awards Endowment is the most recent development in our cherished tradition of “members helping members.”

Author Biography

Allan T. Kohl, Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Art historian Allan T. Kohl is Librarian for Visual Resources and Library Instruction at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design, where he also serves as the College Archivist. He did his graduate study in Library/Information Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and in art history at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. He is former President and Treasurer of the Visual Resources Association and has served for many years on the VRA’s Financial Advisory, Travel Awards, and Intellectual Property Rights Committees, the latter with a particular interest in copyright issues as these affect the educational use of images documenting works of art and visual culture.