Cataloging Today: Enlarging the Sphere

  • Susan Jane Williams Independent Consultant
Keywords: data catalog, Gartner reports, siloed data projects, monetization, commodification, LAMs, LOD, AI, DAMs


Introductory comments from the guest editor are provided as a foreword to this special, themed VRA Bulletin issue on "Cataloging Today: Enlarging the Sphere." The editor explores cataloging practices in the light of the global semantic web and discusses the contributions to this issue.

Author Biography

Susan Jane Williams, Independent Consultant

Susan Jane Williams is a 28-year member of the Visual Resources Association, and was its vice president in 1999-2000 (for the Chicago conference, and for San Francisco, the first solo conference). Following a career as a botanical illustrator, Williams graduated from Ohio State University with an MA in Art History, and began working as a slide and media librarian at Rochester Institute of Technology in 1990. Because Rochester is the home of Kodak, she was involved in some early and innovative digitization projects. Hired by Yale University, she was charged with building their first digital teaching collection. She won the DeLaurier Award from VRA in 2007 for developing a cataloging database tool, VCat, which utilizes VRA Core 4 and CCO and is capable of Core 4 XML, and now, RDF with LOD output. She has worked as an independent cataloger and consultant since 2007, serving the academic and commercial image vendor communities.