From Processing to Public Service: The Digital Humanities Center at the American Academy in Rome

  • Lavinia Ciuffa American Academy in Rome
Keywords: Digital Humanities Center Project, American Academy in Rome, library, institutional archive, photographic archive, archaeological archive, ArchivesSpace, Drupal, Islandora, Fedora, Amazon S3


Digital Humanities Center (DHC) is the new infrastructure which will serve to streamline the Academy’s cataloging system and will make publically available the Academy’s archival resources through a single, online interface by way of the Academy’s website. Intent of this project is to unify different types of materials and collections.

The DHC will contain thousands of descriptions (metadata) of archival objects and digital objects (photographs and digitized texts), it will soon be a resource for scholars and other interested individuals, accessible from virtually anywhere. In the presentation it will be briefly explained the workflow: inventory, cataloguing, digitization and uploading of visual resources.

Author Biography

Lavinia Ciuffa, American Academy in Rome

Lavinia Ciuffa currently serves as Acting Curator of the Photographic Archive at the American Academy in Rome. She has been working in the Photographic Archive since its creation in 1996. During these years, her responsibilities have changed several times. Initially hired to work on the conservation of the collection, Lavinia continues to use her conservation skills to setup guidelines for preservation projects, but her main responsibility has become the managing of staff working on the cataloging and digitization of the collections.

Lavinia Ciuffa has been a member of the VRA since 2007 and has contributed to the VRA International Chapter since 2014.

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