VR in VR: Capture and Display of Virtual Reality Photospheres in a Visual Resources Context

  • Alex Nichols Michigan State University
Keywords: photospheres, Quicktime VR, spherical panoramas, virtual reality, Google Cardboard, photography, imaging


At Michigan State, we have begun investigating some possibilities for creating and displaying photospheres in art history courses. Virtual reality-style presentation is particularly appealing for teaching architecture, archaeological sites, and other large, complex works that benefit from a spatial understanding that is otherwise difficult to communicate effectively when actual travel is not an option. Our pedagogical experiments are at a very early stage at this point, but the following report seeks to summarize and recommend various technical approaches to the tasks of creating and displaying virtual reality content in the context of visual resources.

Author Biography

Alex Nichols, Michigan State University

Alex Nichols is the Academic Technology Coordinator for the Department of Art, Art History, and Design at Michigan State University. He holds an MFA in Photography from the Hartford Art School, and an MS in Library and Information Science with a specialization in Data Curation from the University of Illinois.

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