Digitizing Chevron's Media Legacy: A Case Study

  • Paul Grippaldi Society of California Archivists
Keywords: legacy, media, archive, analog, video, tapes, digitize, preservation


Digital Revolution digitized four decades' worth of Chevron's legacy media, including film, video tapes of multiple different formats and audio reels.The collection included fourteen different video tape formats, five audio tape formats, three film formats and 35mm slides, including PAL tapes from overseas. Preserving the content involved proper cleaning and handling of the older formats, which requires delicacy and knowledge of the media in order to ensure the best possible playback.

Author Biography

Paul Grippaldi, Society of California Archivists

In 1983, Paul founded Fast Forward - the largest video tape duplication company in San Francisco. He owned and operated that company for seventeen years before creating Digital Revolution.

Paul has been a consultant to companies involved in media preservation, archiving, film, audio recording, special effects, production and broadcast spot distribution. He has also served on the Board of Directors of the San Francisco Film/Tape Council and the San Francisco Advertising Agency Association. In addition, Paul was the President of the International Teleproduction Society and the Northern California Production Council. He is a published author of industry articles for countless trade publications and is a sought after industry seminar speaker.

He is currently a member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, Society of California Archivists, American Library Association, Visual Resource Association and ARLIS.

When Paul isn't helping his customers preserve and distribute their creative content through the power of digital media, he enjoys hiking and golfing with his spirited, adventurous son and watching movies and attending live events with his bride.