Wired! @ 5 (Years): Visualizing the Past at Duke University

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Keywords: digital art history, Wired!, historical and cultural visualization, digital humanities


Wired! is a learning community of faculty, staff, and students at Duke University committed to exploring how digital technologies prompt new approaches to teaching and research in the humanities. Wired! was founded to explore the potential of digital visualization tools for the study of art, architecture and urban space. Digital projects focus on communicating humanities research to a broad public through websites and digital applications.

Wired!'s special focus is the study of visual and material culture: art, architectural, and urban history. Research projects and teaching are based in the Wired! Lab at Duke University, where faculty, staff, and students work in teams to ask new questions and expand upon emerging lines of inquiry on topics related to change and process in the creation of works of art and the man-made environment.

This group essay summarizes the activities and achievements of the Wired! initiative at Duke University as it celebrates five years of innovation and experimentation in visualizing the past.

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The Wired! Group, Duke University, Duke University

The current core Wired! Group consists of Caroline Bruzelius (Anne M. Cogan Professor of Art History), Sheila Dillon (Professor of Art History and Classical Studies), Sara Galletti (Associate Professor of Art History), Hannah Jacobs (Wired! Multimedia Analyst), Kristin Huffman Lanzoni (Lecturer), Mark Olson (Cordelia and William Laverack Family Assistant Professor of Art, Art History & Visual Studies), Victoria Szabo (Associate Research Professor of Visual Studies and New Media), and John Taormina (Director, Visual Media Center).

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