Now What?

  • Marian Lambers College for Creative Studies
Keywords: curation, adjunct faculty, expansion, service, promotion


Using her experiences at the College for Creative Studies, Marian Lambers challenges visual resources professionals to acknowledge the habits of a new generation of image users, promote department services, aggressively curate, and expand their roles in the educational communities they serve.

Author Biography

Marian Lambers, College for Creative Studies

Marian Lambers has a BFA in Fine Arts from Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan and an MA in Art History from Wayne State University, Detroit. She has served as the Slide Librarian and Visual Resources Curator at the College for Creative Studies since 1997. In addition, she has been an adjunct professor of Art History for twenty years. Earlier work experience includes museum practices, working in the printing industry, graphic design and teaching in a remote secondary school in Adikpo, Nigeria.