Musings on Electronic Publishing

  • Maureen Burns IMAGinED Consulting
Keywords: electronic journals, publishing, open access movement, scholarly communication, visual resources, librarianship, information professionals, academic community


In the tradition of the VRA Bulletin's "Notes from the President" the author helps to inaugurate the first electronic VRAB issue and thanks the members of the Visual Resources Association who have participated in the transition from a print publication to an electronic journal. Summary information is provided about the open access movement and new models of electronic publishing. How traditional publication processes change in an electronic environment is also discussed. Detailed information takes potential authors through the steps necessary to contribute articles and the advantages of the automated system are mentioned. VRA members and other information professionals are strongly encouraged to contribute to the VRAB. It is suggested that visual resources curators may be able to carve out new roles or add to existing support services by expanding their skill sets with the experience of electronic publishing.


In addition to all the VRA members who worked so hard to bring the electronic VRA Bulletin to fruition (mentioned in the article), I would like to especially thank Michael Cobb, from bepress support services, for all his assistance with design, web content, training, adjustments, and our many questions.

Author Biography

Maureen Burns, IMAGinED Consulting

Maureen Burns, currently President of the Visual Resources Association, is an information professional with over 20 years of experience developing and managing teaching resources of analog and digital images at UCI, the Getty Villa, and CSULB. Presently working on a consulting basis, through IMAGinED and the Image Consultant Cooperative, Burns has been handling sales for Archivision, partnering on the Local History Digital Resources Project, and participating in other image-focused work. With a doctorate in Educational Administration from the UCI/UCLA joint Leadership program, Burns provides administrative assistance and research support for UCI's Center for Learning in the Arts, Sciences and Sustainability, which includes systems support and editorial work for the electronic Journal for Learning through the Arts.